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Pantone Huey review

Ever wondered why photos don't print as they look on screen?

Iit even has a measuring device to gauge ambient light

Our Verdict

A foolproof and inexpensive way of making sure your monitor is correctly calibrated. Easy to use and very fast to measure both LCD and CRT monitors


  • Excellent features
  • Very affordable
  • Fantastic performance


  • The slightly daft name of Huey

The reason inkjet printers often turn out photos that look nothing like they appear on a computer screen when being edited with Photoshop is mostly down to your computer monitor.

You see, the human eye is a deceptive little tool that can make you see a blue or yellow cast on your PC monitor as being entirely neutral. It's a handy trick but not very useful when you're trying to print photos with accurate colours.

Now Pantone (with the help of partners Gretag Macbeth) has launched a tiny and affordable device that clips onto your computer's monitor and measures the brightness and colour temperature. It then automatically creates a colour profile that ensures what you see on screen matches what your printer produces.

In the past, these colour calibration devices were hugely expensive, but the little Huey retails for a mere £70 and is well within reach of most digital photographers. It's such a clever tool; it even has a measuring device to gauge ambient light and adjust the brightness level of your monitor to suit.

You can instruct the Pantone Huey to take readings at set intervals and it will then make the necessary adjustments. And because the calibration of monitors can drift, Huey will also helpfully remind you periodically to recalibrate your screen. It only takes 90 seconds and is dead easy to do.

If we have one criticism, it's the slightly daft name of Huey. Yes we know it's supposed to be a play on the word 'hue' but to us it sounds like someone being seasick. Mark Sparrow