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Remo Recover Pro Edition review

Deleted a file? Don't panic Remo's here to save the day

Remo Recover Pro Edition
Remo had no trouble restoring a wide range of common and unusual file formats on our Mac

Our Verdict

We're impressed. Remo Recover is a solid all-round performer


  • Retrieves less common formats
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Media recovery available


  • Comparatively expensive

Even these days, with the proliferation of online 'cloud' backup services, not to mention software backup solutions such as SuperDuper! and Time Machine, people do still forget (or can't be bothered) to back up their data.

So, when you've just deleted that folder full of irreplaceable pictures of the kids, what should you do?

Well, first of all: don't write any more files to the volume from which you deleted the data, and second: try using an application such as Remo Software's recently released Remo Recover to retrieve your data. There are two versions to choose from.

The Media Edition will help you retrieve photos (including many types of raw file), as well as videos and music. Meanwhile the Pro Edition, as you might expect, aims to recover the aforementioned file types, as well as undeleting files from HFS+ and HFSX Journaled volumes.

To put Remo Recover Pro to the test, we assembled a varied collection of files: PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, various image files, including JPEGs, TIFFs and – just to be really sneaky – a couple of raw files in Fuji's RAF format rather than the more common Nikon NEF or Canon CRW.

We then dropped our batch of files onto a number of hard disks (journaled and unjournaled) and USB flash drives, including one formatted as FAT32; then we deleted some batches and used a hexadecimal editing application to break the others.

Remo Recover retrieved all our broken and deleted files without missing a single one.