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Cardscan CardScan Executive for Mac review

The high-tech way to organise your contacts' business cards

CardScan Executive for Mac
Scan your business cards, and turn them into Address Book contacts…

Our Verdict

An excellent product that's feature-packed and easy to use, but pricey


  • Great OCR text recognition
  • Integrates with Address Book


  • Expensive
  • Leopard only

CardScan Executive for Mac is a microscanner and software package designed to manage your contacts. It's for scanning and sorting business cards, but it can also process contact details from websites, emails and other electronic files.

Cards are scanned into a software database, not only as an image, but also as text using OCR technology. This can be edited to correct inevitable but infrequent mistakes.

In our tests CardScan handled most business cards extremely well but it did struggle with certain white-on-black designs as well as non-Roman text. URLs can be launched and emails sent directly from the Contacts window, and you can even pinpoint addresses on Google Maps.

Also, notes can be added, you can organise your contacts into categories and export them as vCards, but best of all, you can copy contacts to Address Book by exporting, syncing or drag-and-dropping.

There's a Cover Flow viewing option, which is useful if you have lots of cards. You can flip the card over and scan its reverse as well, associating both sides with the same contact.

CardScan Executive for Mac is spectacularly easy to use. Conformity to Mac protocols makes it very instinctive. You can familiarise yourself with all its features within minutes, without ever looking at an instruction manual.

At £200 it's way too expensive, but overall it's a very capable package that's a real boon if your desk drawer's full of other people's business cards.

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