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Razer Onza Tournament Edition review

A gamepad packed with nifty features

Razer Onza Tournament Edition
This gamepad improves on an already excellent design

Our Verdict

An incredibly usable gamepad with some fantastic features.


  • Great D-pad
  • Ergonomic design
  • On the fly re-calibration
  • Glowing buttons for gaming in the dark


  • Expensive
  • Not wireless

You might be forgiven for thinking at first glance that this is an official Xbox 360 controller.

The shape and design are almost completely identical, and the build quality is absolutely top-notch. There are a few subtle differences however, which prove to be extremely important in separating the Razer Onza Tournament Edition from Microsoft's offering.

To begin with the D-pad is much improved and is actually useable - something that Microsoft's official controller can't boast. This is essential not only for 2D platformers, but also for fighting games.

Another great addition is the glowing face buttons that can help to make gaming in the dark - or low light levels - a lot easier.

The Razer Onza Tournament Edition also comes with two buttons carefully placed at the back of the pad that can be used to re-calibrate on the fly. You can also twist the analogue thumb sticks to tweak their sensitivity without pausing your game.

The gamepad itself feels incredibly comfortable, using the same ergonomic design as the official Xbox 360 pad. It's quite a bit lighter, as well - due to the lack of wireless functionality removing the need for batteries.

While it would have been nice to have it wireless, the long cord goes some way to compensating for this.

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