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SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive review

An innovative USB stick with Wi-Fi built in

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

We liked

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive simply makes things easy – the Wi-Fi aspect is pure genius and it works really well. This device is great to collaborate with friends and co-workers when you are in a location where Wi-Fi is not available. Such as, for instance, when travelling – on a bus, train, or an airplane, this gadget provides a wonderful way to work on a file wirelessly where a Wi-Fi connection is not available. Performance levels were also impressive.

We disliked

The web-based application for the Connect Wireless Flash Drive is not great. It's just very basic and I was hoping for something more dynamic. Another flaw is you can't have the Wi-Fi active while the USB drive is plugged into a computer charging. That just seems like a lack of planning on SanDisk's part but hopefully a firmware upgrade will fix that.

Final verdict

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive is excellent. I want one. The Wi-Fi capability may seem like a gimmick but its real-world uses are endless. If nothing else, this is a USB drive that offers another way of easily sharing your content with collaborators when all other means fail, and that could be a very handy feature to have on tap.