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Apple LED Cinema Display review

Get the most from your new MacBook with the LED Cinema Display

Apple LED Cinema Display
Be careful when purchasing the LED Cinema Display as it uses a proprietary port called Mini Dispay Port that is only included on the latest Macs

Our Verdict

With great resolution and useful features this new monitor will make a great accompaniment to you new MacBook. Just make sure it has a MiniDispay Port


  • Good picture
  • USB hub
  • Good resolution


  • Expensive
  • Very reflective screen cover

While nothing beats the convenient mobility of a laptop, a bigger screen can be a real benefit at home or in the office. To this end, the Apple LED Cinema Display helps MacBook users get the best of both worlds.

The 24-inch screen is compatible with all of the latest MacBook laptops, including the Pro and Air models. Setting it up is easy, and image quality is amongst the best we've seen from an external monitor.

Once connected to mains power, three cables connect to your MacBook's mini-display, power and USB ports. The laptop battery then charges automatically, while you can use the Cinema Display's three USB ports to easily add extra peripherals.

Beefy resolution

As soon as you boot your MacBook, it immediately mirrors your laptop's screen on the 24-inch panel. Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels are supported, so you can tailor the image to suit your needs.

The screen itself is encased beneath a sheet of glass, which not only provides great protection and is very easy to clean, but is also incredibly reflective. The panel can be tilted slightly to avoid excessive glare but, for best results, you should avoid use in overly bright locations.

Image quality is outstanding, however. The 320nit brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio provide truly stunning results for home office work and viewing photos and movies. The sharp resolution particularly suits HD content, and we've yet to see better results from rival screens.

Video and image editing professionals will appreciate the set-up options. It's easy to configure the screen to show your main image, with tool panels shown on the MacBook screen. Colours are more vibrant than natural, however, so you must calibrate the screen to get best results.

While the price is high, and far cheaper monitors can be found, few provide this level of quality. If you have the budget to spare and want the best picture for your MacBook, this is the one for you.