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Pure One review

An astonishing DAB radio for the price, despite its looks

Like the styling, the One's connectivity is basic

Our Verdict

For the price you won't find a better DAB radio


  • Great value

    Does its job well


  • Plain design

Imagine if Apple released a budget version of its iPod that was made of black shiny plastic and didn't have a clickwheel - and cost just £50. That may not be Apple's style, but that's the approach Pure Digital has taken with its One DAB radio.

Basic instinct

Like the styling, the One's connectivity is basic, with just a headphone jack and a USB slot, the latter designed only for occasional software updates via Pure's website.

It's also got some nifty features. Intellitext allows you to select the latest headlines - in scrolling text format - from the world of Formula One, football and cricket.

Operating the basic DAB radio functions is easy, but different from other Pure radios. For starters, there's fewer buttons cluttering up the fascia. The central dial takes control depending on which satellite button is depressed, with the default control being volume.

The satellites choose between volume, stations, timer, station presets, main menu and toggling between DAB and FM reception.

Controlling volume itself is simple, yet on most Pure DABs it's possible to adjust it to the decibel - here there's ten prescribed sound levels.

Sound is basic but well suited to voice radio. A blast of Radio 5 Live in crystal-clear DAB is rounded and precise. As with most voice radio stations, the sound is mono and broadcast at a bit-rate around 80kbps, so the One's mono speaker actually does a very good job.

That doesn't quite hold true with music stations. Tuning in to BBC 6 Music, it's immediately obvious that there's not enough bass, but the soundstage is adequate, considering its single speaker treatment of a higher bit-rate 128kbps, stereo broadcast. At this price it's still better than we expected, though.

And that's a fair appraisal of the One. Cheap and cheerful in looks, it's easily the most advanced DAB radio in its class - of One.