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War of 'pants' passwords

Is your password really secret?

A Lloyds TSB customer from Shrewsbury is engaged in a war of words with his bank after a member of staff changed his password from "Lloyds is pants" to "No, it's not". Steve Jetley discovered the change of name during a transaction, but was told he couldn't change it back as it wasn't appropriate. He was also told that he couldn't use "Lloyds is rubbish", or "Barclays is better", while "censorship" was clearly beyond the six-letter limit.

Banking worth name calling about

Jetley's relationship with his bank turned sour after a dispute over insurance. Lloyds has since apologised for the password mix up and said that customers can choose whatever password they want. It also stated that the member of staff responsible for countering this perceived slight against the bank is no longer in its service.

Lloyds denied that there was any security threat inherent in bank workers being able to access customers' passwords. In its defence, the bank said: "In this case it was a business banking customer using a system where more than one person from a business can check their balance. In these cases an advisor can read the full password." And in other cases, apparently, they can't.

Absolutely watertight then.