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Björk's new video takes us on a journey inside her mouth

Bjork Mouth Mantra

So we've just seen the weirdest video of this week, made by controversial director Jesse Kanda and featuring the inside of Björk's mouth.

Björk has always been known for her pushing-the-envelope style, and Kanda brings a visceral, unashamedly graphic quality to his videos, so their collaboration makes sense – but it also makes us feel a bit ill.

Kanda has already made waves for having a video he directed for Arca removed from Instagram, along with Arca too, who posted it. The video featured a very graphic drawing of female genitalia which Instagram decided it could do without.

Kanda has already worked with FKA Twigs to great acclaim, and Björk seems a solid choice for an artist who shares his experimental mindset.

The video of 'Mouth Mantra' makes use of Björk's mouth as well as Kanda's dark visual style, with Kanda having been a long-time user of image manipulation in his pieces. Speaking about the project, Björk mentions the use of animatronics, so it's possible that not every gum we see is actually hers.

If you're the queasy sort then we hope you skipped lunch, but you really should see this. And if this version isn't graphic enough, the video will soon be available in 360 degrees for VR aficionados to 'enjoy'.

Via Dazed