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Intel can't wait to add Draft-N to Centrino

802.11n routes like this Belkin model will soon be supported by Intel

A senior Intel executive has admitted the company can't afford not to join the draft 802.11n throng.

Alan Crouch, of the company's Communications Technology Lab, said the chip giant will include the pre-standard specification in forthcoming Centrino laptops.

Crouch made the admission during a presentation at the IEEE Globecom 2006 Expo in San Francisco this week.

It seems that Intel simply can't afford to overlook the fledgling wireless tech. If they ignored it, Centrino's strength as a brand could weaken significantly.

Draft warning

Industry analyst Gartner has already highlighted many reservations over the draft standard. The company's concerns are primarily that, while draft 802.11n is fine in a home environment, it has consequences for network compatibility elsewhere.

It's likely that Intel will choose to implement the second (2.0) version of Draft-N, rather than the current 1.0 version.

Crouch also spoke about Ultra Wideband (UWB). He says the short range technology will gain more credence during 2007.