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Christmas crackers: PagePlus SE

PagePlus SE

Christmas can be an expensive time of year. There's not just the presents and food to think about, but also all of those little extras that add up. Cards, party invitations, name cards for the table and so on. If you were to buy all these from the shops, you could end up spending a fortune – so why not do it yourself?

This is precisely what PagePlus SE helps you to do. It's a wonderfully powerful desktop publishing tool that can be used to create all manner of documents with rich layouts.

Don't worry if your design skills are not up to much, as there are dozens of templates available to help you get started. If you have guests coming over for Christmas dinner, you could print out menus to hand out, as well as invites and welcoming posters.

PagePlus gives you the flexibility of a design tool and blends it with the features of a word processor. You can combine text, graphics, tables, clipart and other page elements to create all manner of documents.

Of course, once Christmas is out of the way, you can use it to create other types of documents such as business cards, CVs and greetings cards.