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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has officially launched on iOS and Android

Hot on the heels of Fortnite launching its iOS beta last week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (the other hot battle-royale game) has gone one better and made its official debut on both iOS and Android.

Late last year, there was talk of a port of the popular PC and Xbox One title making its way to mobile, and this rolled out in China earlier in February this year. Now, PUBG has become available on both iOS and Android… and it actually goes alright.

Despite the game experiencing some notably poor performance with its Xbox One release and running with poor optimisation in its PC iteration, the mobile version handles surprisingly well on smartphones and tablets, provided they have 2GB of RAM or more. 

As its free price-tag may suggest, the mobile version of the game comes with the option to purchase in-game currency to unlock (the ever-controversial) loot boxes.

You can grab the game (which, yes, is actually called 'PUBG Mobile') for Android on the Google Play Store, and for Apple devices on the iOS App Store here.