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Honda car navigation to warn of earthquakes

New Honda Fit models will have satnav that can warn of earthquake damage to roads

We've recently seen plenty of developments in both Japanese car satellite navigation systems and the country's earthquake-survival technology . So it's only natural that the two should be combined by some enterprising manufacturer.

Honda 's latest Internavi GPS system adds to the existing battery of navigation technology with warnings about the effects of earthquakes, as well as flooding, on roads.

Weather data too

The Internavi deck is equipped to receive - via the owner's mobile phone - data about the effects of any tremors in the area. It combines this with existing maps in its memory to show which roads are reported damaged or closed.

In Japan, designated major roads are always closed after a large 'quake so they can be used by the emergency services. The level of detail provided by Honda has also been improved to show information for individual lanes.

Data, based on weather forecasts, about possible flooding is also included in the service. The system will appear in Honda's Fit model late this year at no extra charge, although there are network charges for data packets received.