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Russians invade internet!

Russia is flexing its muscle online as well as at its borders, according to a new survey by Comscore. It noted a 27% increase in the number of Russian web surfers over the last year, up to 17.5 million in June - the fastest growth of any European country.

The UK and Germany are still wrestling for the top spot, however, with around 35 million people apiece venturing online over the preceding 12 months. Brits spend the most time connected, too, racking up an impressive 28.5 hours of browsing every week.

Bear facts

The Russian cyber-invasion shows no sign of slowing down, as the superpower currently has the lowest proportion of citizens in Europe with internet access - just 14%. By contrast, 65% of UK adults and 82% of the Dutch have a web connection.

Prior to Russian troops entering South Ossetia, the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed: "A cyber warfare campaign by Russia is seriously disrupting many Georgian websites, including that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs." You have been warned...