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'Just a matter of time' for China's Green Dam filter

Web filtering still on in China
Web filtering still on in China

PC companies shipping to China will still have to supply Green Dam software, despite news that the web filtering plan has been shelved.

In a bid to curb the amount of pornography and piracy that comes through the web, Green Dam-Youth Escort software was to be mandatory with every new PC as of this week, but authorities delayed the controversial idea.

No definite deadline

However, the China Daily newspaper is reporting that the plans are still in place, but may take longer to implement: "The government will definitely carry on the directive on Green Dam. It's just a matter of time," explains an unnamed ministry official to the newspaper.

"What will happen is that some PC manufacturers will have it included with their PC packages sooner than the others. But there is no definite deadline at the moment."

As China is the biggest user of the internet – it has some 300 million users – a mass filtration campaign of this scale could have significant worldwide impact, given the internet is used by some as the ultimate tool for freedom of speech.

Via Reuters