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A website called has been set up, offering to give you a free five minute trial before reminding us all of the danger of skin cancer.

The viral marketing campaign from the Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity is a cleverly made site that doesn't give up its true purpose until you actually go through the 'free trial'.

"ComputerTan will revolutionise the way the nation looks and feels - now everybody can look Tan-tastic all year round," says 'Harry Brown' in the site's press release.


"ComputerTan is the perfect solution for people wanting to sport a healthy tan all year round but do not have time to visit a tanning salon.

"Our technology emits a lower, more prolonged dose of pure UVB, encouraging the production of Vitamin D and creating a deeper, longer lasting natural tan."

Of course by writing this article TechRadar is in danger of spoiling the whole thing, so why not send on the link to your non-TechRadar reading friends right now.