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Have you ever thought of combining a sink and a washing machine?

Why is it in the bathroom?
Why is it in the bathroom?

We've all been there: walking around a kitchen, trying to wash up, with the washing machine constantly blocking our paths.

Well, Romanian designer Andrei Bojor has come up with SpaceSaver, an innovation that combines both a sink and a washing machine together.

Combination station

The premise of this particular device is that "fewer materials are needed to manufacture one object instead of two",

The sink is ergonomically designed to protrude forward, thus saving you the problem of having to bend when washing up.

Has anyone ever had a washing machine going in the same room when trying to wash plates? The things fall all over the place. Imagine if the two were together…broken plate central, surely?

We at TechRadar would like to see more space-saving ideas. One of the best: a washing machine, dryer and oven all together, so you could 'cook' your clothes dry after washing.

Check out the picture: for some reason this person has their washing machine in their bathroom.