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IBM to take on Amazon, Google & Microsoft in cloud

IBM - Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do
IBM - Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do

IBM has indicated that it will take on the likes of Google, Microsoft and Amazon as it launches its 'Smart Analytics Cloud'.

The cloud computing service from one of the industry's most traditional and powerful companies will offer companies online storage and tools – in the hope of clawing back market share.

The likes of Microsoft with Azure, Amazon with its Elastic Compute Cloud, Salesforce and Google are already offering services to businesses in an industry that Gartner has suggested will be worth $3.4 billion (c£2bn) this year.

Consumer plus

This competition of the business market will have a major impact in the consumer markets – with companies able to offer quickly expandable internet services for all, and cloud computing all set to revolutionise the computer world.

Interestingly, IBM is also set to launch its internal 'Blue Insight' business analytics cloud which will be available to its staff across the world.

Boasting a petabyte of storage (1,000TB), Blue Insight will take data from IBM's global business and help its salespeople and developers access and analyse the data.