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LG LCD panel defect causes iPad 2 screen yellowing

Some iPad 2 users have experienced screen yellowing due to faulty LG displays

An defect in the LCD panels LG made for the Apple iPad 2 has caused the company to give the majority of the manufacturing privileges to Samsung.

Digitimes is reporting that the screen yellowing, which sees light leak from the edges of the display when darker objects are displayed, reported by some users is attributable to the panels made by LG.

Samsung has shipped four million of the 9.7-inch panels, whereas LG reports shipped only 800,000 after being forced to halt production to address the issues.

The report also claims that LG displays will make a return to the supply line in the second quarter, according to sources.


Apple shifted 3.2m iPad units during the first three months of 2011, but massive backlogs have prevented the company achieving its full potential.

COO Tim Cook called the shortages "the mother of all backlogs" during a recent earnings call.