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Apple iBookstore to stock 30,000 free ebooks

Apple giving stuff away for free
Apple giving stuff away for free

A new report has revealed that Apple's soon-to-be-launched iBookstore for the Apple iPad will have 30,000 free books on it.

This is because the Gutenberg Project archive – the self-billed first producer of free electronic books – has been included on the store.

This is a bit of a surprise, considering Apple is very much part of the micro-payment business model approach, but it's good news for those who will want to start using their iPad as an ebook reader straight away, without dipping into their iPad-sized pockets.

Book 'em Danno

Apple's iBookstore will also stock full-price ebooks, with pricing to be similar to that of the Kindle's and other iPad rivals.

Unfortunately for the UK, it seems that we won't be getting the iBookstore straight away, which is a tad annoying.

But, you should be able to download the Gutenberg Project from the web and manually add the books to your device.

Books which have been digitised for the project include: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice and The Kama Sutra.

Unfortunately, the last is merely in text form.

Via App Advice