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Intel's SSD lighter than a drop of water

Intel's new family of tiny solid-state drives is sure to find its way into all kinds of handheld devices.

We touched on it briefly yesterday morning, but it's worth reiterating that Intel has genuinely concrete plans to commercialise its tiny new solid-state drive (SSD) that supposedly weighs less than a drop of water.

The 0.6g Z-P140 will go on show at CES next month and is widely expected to appear in devices soon after. In fact, the processor giant has promised the initial 2GB model will be joined by a 4GB version in the middle of 2008.

Already in testing

With a standard IDE connector and the super-fast read and write speeds we already know about, the Z-P140 SSD is bound to prove popular with gadget makers, many of whom already seem to have it for testing.

Intel's NAND marketing chief, Pete Hazen, has already admitted as much, saying, "Our customers are finding the Intel Z-P140 PATA SSD to be the right size, fit and performance for their pocketable designs." We're just looking forward to lighter, faster products within a few months.