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Onkyo enters the Blu-ray player market

The new Onkyo DV-BD606
The new Onkyo DV-BD606

Leading AV and hi-fi manufacturer Onkyo has announced its first-ever Blu-ray player, the DV-BD606.

The mid-range machine houses all the bells and whistles that you have come to expect from a Blu-ray player – including 1,920x1,080p resolution, 24fps refresh rate and HDMI v1.3a capability.

Onkyo has seemingly opted to make its player Profile 1.1, despite Profile 2.0 being alive and well. While it does mean that you get to enjoy picture-in-picture playback, internet-enabled features will not be compatible.

DVD upscaler

The player also upscales DVD content to 1080p and has an SD card slot. Audio-wise, under the chassis is a Burr-Brown digital-to-analogue converter.

And for the lazy, Onkyo has conveniently added a HDMI CEC control, so all compatible HDMI-linked components can be operated together.

Available now, the DV-BD606 comes in either silver or black and is retailing at £399.99.