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Apple cuts the cost for 2TB of iCloud storage in half

Flying under the radar of the headline-grabbing Apple HomePod announcement and iOS 11 details from Monday's WWDC 2017 keynote is a pricing change that's sure to perk up some ears.

Apple is dropping the cost of its 2TB iCloud storage option to $9.99 (£6.99/AU$14.99) per month. That's half of what the same terabytes previously cost in the US. 

By comparison, $9.99 will get you just 1TB of Google Drive and Dropbox storage every month. Of course, as Engadget points out, the monthly price is lower if you pick an annual plan at these services.

The price of Apple's other iCloud storage offerings haven't changed. You'll pay $0.99 for 50GB and $2.99 for 200GB (£0.79/£2.49, AU$1.49/AU$4.49, respectively). 2TB is the largest amount of storage iCloud offers. 

One last goodie: if you signed up for the eliminated 1TB iCloud option before June 5, previously priced at $9.99/month, you've automatically been upgraded to 2TB. Score!

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Michelle is a Senior Content Writer at 8x8. She was previously an editor at TechRadar, a leading consumer tech news and reviews website. Now she’s focused on helping small businesses reach their goals.