Zoho unveils upgraded expense reporting software

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Zoho has announced a new version of its Expense reporting software as it looks to help businesses recover following the coronavirus pandemic.

Zoho Expense has been given several areas of improvement, including increased control and compliance capacity with businesses now able to create and track budgets using a dashboard. Customisable alerts prevent budget overspend and automatically block further applications, while the new rule engine allows finance departments to ensure compliance.

There’s also upgraded fraud detection in place that can identify and flag fake receipts or duplicate entries, while approval flows are now fully customisable too. The improvement means that there is now an extra layer of control on spending, prior to it happening.

Elsewhere, Zoho Expense has been boosted with a raft of new travel tools. These allow businesses to book, organise and manage corporate travel, both online and offline. The system can also be integrated with Sabre’s popular GetThere travel management system.

Zoho Expense

In addition, Zoho Expense is now tailored towards helping collaboration where the workforce is largely remote-based. A built-in chat bar has been added while Zoho has also developed an AI-powered virtual assistant named Zia. This can be called upon to remind users about pending tasks in relation to expenses, including virtual prods to get expense forms completed and the firming-up of travel requests.

The latest version of Zoho Expense is available immediately via three subscription options: the Free plan, the Premium (£4 per active user, per month, billed annually) or the Enterprise plan (£6 per active user, per month, billed annually). The package forms just one part of Zoho’s hugely diverse product range that spans over 50 different apps, all with different business uses in mind.

"When it comes to travel and expense management, large organisations are typically stuck with legacy solutions. With these solutions, businesses are having to compromise on end-user experience, and on the features they need."

"The new version of Zoho Expense is built specifically to address this problem - a solution that is both feature-rich, and intuitive to use. With end-to-end travel management, artificial intelligence-based fraud prevention, automation, customisable policies, advanced budget management, and a lot more, the software helps organisations easily control costs and manage compliance,” says Sivaramakrishnan Iswaran, Vice President, Zoho.

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