Xbox Series X Quick Resume is about to get even better

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Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume update that promises to alleviate the biggest flaw with the time-saving feature.

Alpha Xbox Insiders can now pin up to two games that are suspended in Quick Resume, which will prevent them from being automatically closed. If you’d like to pin another title, you’ll be prompted to choose which of the two games you have pinned to replace.

This new feature will be welcomed by those who want to keep a game permanently suspended, ready to pick up a moment’s notice, as the new Quick Resume update will prevent the Xbox from deleting the least recently played title first. 

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This new update should also take the guessing game out of whether a title will remain in Quick Resume after you’ve played a couple of different games. There’s no hard and fast rule for how many titles Quick Resume can suspend at once, as depending on the type of games you’re playing, sometimes Quick Resume can hold as little as three titles.

It's worth noting that not every game supports Quick Resume, however, you can see which titles do by opening the Xbox Guide and looking for a 'Quick Resume' tag on the right-hand side.

Analysis: Quick Resume continues to improve 

It may seem like a trivial change, but having more control over Quick Resume is a feature many gamers have been asking for. Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is one of the best innovations on the new consoles, allowing you to jump back into a game even if you haven’t played it for weeks. The feature even works if you unplug the console, which is kind of crazy.

However, now you can ensure that two titles will always be available in Quick Resume instead of being replaced over time. If there’s a go-to game that you always want available, or you’d like to slowly chip away at a JRPG over time, the new update will ensure you never have to see the boot screen of that title again.

Microsoft has slowly improved Quick Resume since launch, improving stability and performance, as well as letting users see which titles were using the feature, instead of merely guessing. The company continues to improve and add additional features to Xbox Series X and S, such as a pleasing audio upgrade and a feature that you really need to turn on.

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