Embarcadero bets on data architecture growth

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Embarcedero investment boosts portfolio

US software firm Embarcadero Technologies recently announced its intent to purchase the ERwin Data Modelling solution from CA Technologies. The company believes this acquisition will give it a much broader opportunity to market its database development solutions globally.

We spoke to Steve Haney, Vice President of Marketing at Embarcadero, to understand the rationale behind this development.

TechRadar Pro: What are the details of Embarcadero's acquisition of CA ERWin?

Steve Haney: On 7 March 2014, Embarcadero Technologies signed an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire the assets of the CA ERwin business from CA Technologies.

CA ERwin is the most-used data modelling tool among data professionals, and is sold through more than 500 partners in over 70 countries.

TRP: When does the deal close?

SH: Calendar Q2 of 2014.

TRP: How does this fit with Embarcadero's plans for its database products portfolio?

SH: Data architecture is now the biggest part of Embarcadero's business and signals its commitment to this category. Data is growing exponentially and solid data architecture is the backbone of robust and secure IT infrastructures.

Every aspect of IT (app development, business intelligence, security, user experience, etc.) is defined and driven by data architecture. Combining resources behind a company highly dedicated to data architecture will have a huge impact and payoff for the entire industry.

TRP: How will the ERwin business be integrated into the Embarcadero organisation?

SH: Until the deal closes, it is business as usual for both product lines. CA ERwin will continue to operate as a separate independent business.

Both the ER/Studio and ERwin product lines will continue to serve their respective customers. After the transaction closes, any potential changes will be determined and communicated.

TRP: What is the rationale for having two similar products – ERwin and ER/Studio?

SH: The combination of Embarcadero and CA ERwin will bring together two highly complementary technologies qualified to meet companies' needs for a more robust, secure data architecture.

TRP: Will one product set be discontinued?

SH: Both products will exist in tandem and will be sold and marketed. Product roadmaps, investment and ongoing business for each will continue as usual.

TRP: How will this acquisition affect customers of both products?

SH: For data modelling customers, the benefits of the combined assets will mean greater investment, innovation and momentum in data architecture technology.

Furthermore, Embarcadero's intensified commitment and focus for business functions, R&D and support will equate to higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Additionally, this transaction brings ERwin customers into Embarcadero's data modelling-focused business, which is part of a rich database tools ecosystem that includes data modelling, data management, database development and app development.

TRP: What is Embarcadero's vision for its database side of the business?

SH: Data architecture is now the biggest part of Embarcadero's business and signals the company's significant commitment to the category.

With the addition of CA ERwin's strong technical team and deep data modelling expertise, Embarcadero will drive greater investment, innovation and momentum in this critical technology segment.

Desire Athow
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