How to future-proof your business

Preparing for a tech future

There is no doubt that the future success and prosperity of your business means ensuring your company is using the right tools and services. Techradar Pro spoke with Peter Barnes, director, Enterprise Solutions at Dell UK, to gain some insight into why companies hold onto outdated technology and other issues.

Techradar Pro: In his last keynote address Apple's Tim Cook stated there are 600 million Windows PCs in the world that are more than five years old. Why do small businesses in particular hold onto their technologies for so long?

Peter Barnes: "Historically, this has been a cost issue – the cost of investment in new infrastructure has long prevented many SMEs from bringing in new hardware for their workforce and operations.

However, many vendors are now working on offering their customers a range of cost-effective high-performance solutions which will bring their infrastructure in-line with modern standards and keep them on a competitive level with other organisations."

iPad Pro

Apple's new larger iPad Pro

TRP: The advent of devices like the new iPad Pro seem to offer a new way to use business technology. Is investing in mobile devices a way to future-proof a business' technology?

PB: "Organisations that don't view mobility as a game changer risk falling behind in enabling their employees to get their jobs done. Today's workforce includes four main segments of the evolving working population: desk-centric with multiple large displays; corridor warrior, searching for convenience and portability; on-the-go pro, workers who are always-on with portable devices; and self-sufficient remote workers.

"In order to streamline operations and boost productivity, businesses can implement multi-device and solutions-focused strategies by introducing new devices with advanced mobile security and management solutions and with support from hardware and software vendors, can customise deployment services to suit their needs."

TRP: Is moving to more hosted services now a tried and tested way for businesses to future-proof their technologies?

PB: "The cost benefit proposition offered by hosted services is more attractive than ever, taking the onus off businesses to maintain modern IT infrastructure and the latest software to ensure continued competitiveness in the marketplace.

"By removing the burden of routine infrastructure management and maintenance, hosted services can also provide additional relief to IT leaders, allowing them to direct their attention to solving business-critical issues."


Why future-proofing your technology is vital was summed up best by Accenture in its report on this year's tech trends: "With digital pervading everything, it's bringing with it ubiquitous and unprecedented amounts of change. There are new technologies and solutions, more data than ever before, legacy and new systems to tie together, an upsurge in collaboration (inside and outside the enterprise), new alliances, new startups... new everything.

"Meanwhile, out in the marketplace, digital customers are also maturing. Their dramatically transformed expectations of service, speed and personalisation are just the start."

There is little doubt that future-proofing your business technologies is a priority. As the sands of the digital marketplace continue to shift under your company, having the right systems in place to take advantage of new trends that become ubiquitous products and services should be your focus today.