Fujitsu readies IoT tags that know when you've fallen over

Internet of Things

Fujitsu's march towards Internet of Things (IoT) relevancy has taken a new turn thanks to a new breed of wearable tag the size of a stamp that detect changes in location, posture and heat.

The tag transmits data using Bluetooth Low Energy and is designed to be worn on wristbands, location badges on lapels or breast pockets, or can attached to objects like shopping trolleys or walkers used by elderly people, according to PC World.

Fujitsu's prototype tag contains all the sensors you would expect to find in a smartphone like an accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope and microphone, and in future they could even host a heart rate sensor and GPS module. Algorithms developed by Fujitsu analyse the data and alert supervisors when an event takes place such as a worker falling down, a patient's temperature rising, or an employee handling a heavier-than-expected load.

Part of Ubiquitousware

The sensor will run on Fujitsu's Ubiquitousware IoT platform that is aiming to make IoT devices an easier proposition for businesses. Fujitsu's attempts to assist senior citizens and patients by using the IoT began back in June 2013 when a research initiative kicked off to provide monitoring services and assisted living to those groups.

Its new sensor will be rolled out from December and the cost of the solution remains under wraps for the time being.