Why paying with your palm could be the new way to shop

(Image credit: Mike Moore) (Image credit: Mike Moore)

Paying for your shopping could be about to get even simpler thanks to new technology from Fujitsu.

The Japanese giant has shown off new biometric payment technology that will do away the need not just for cash at the checkout, but possibly debit or credit cards as well.

Instead, Fujitsu’s “palm vein” system will use in-depth scans of your hand to authenticate payments, meaning there’s no need to juggle different bags or payment methods at the till.

Quick scan

TechRadar Pro got the chance to check out the palm vein technology at the recent Fujitsu Forum show in Japan, where the company was keen to demonstrate just how the service works.

After registering their palm print at home or at the entrance to a store (pictured below), users are then able to quickly pay for their purchases by hovering their hand over a scanner to pay (see main image).

The entire process is completed in the blink of an eye - much faster than current authentication, and Fujitsu says it can even work on vending machines, allowing you to make purchases even when the stores are closed.

(Image credit: Mike Moore)

(Image credit: Mike Moore) (Image credit: Mike Moore)

Fujitsu, which provides much of the barcode scanning hardware across its home country, says the system offers more accuracy and security than other biometric systems around today.

It notes that vein recognition technology is much stronger than facial recognition - if not purely for the fact that your veins do not change during your lifetime, whereas faces may suffer from injury, disfigurement or just the aging process.

It also tops fingerprint scanning, used more and more in smart devices and security services, as that technology often fails to work if a user’s fingers are wet or greasy - which can often be the case after handling certain supermarket goods.

Fujitsu already has palm vein technology out working in the real world through its banking security services, and plans to start rolling out the system to supermarkets soon.

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