Whitepaper: IT expert’s guide to AI and content management

(Image credit: Pixabay)

It’s been a while now since content became an invaluable part of every business’ communications and marketing strategies, but as the battle for attention - and retention - rages on, organizations are increasingly turning towards Artificial intelligence (AI) for help.

Forbes, for example, recently reported how more than 60 percent of CIOs expect AI and machine learning to become critical to their business in five years, while Gartner uncovered that the number of enterprises implementing AI grew 270 percent in the past four years and tripled in the past year.

There are many ways in which AI can help your business’ content management efforts - from personalized content and asset tagging to content production and A/B testing.

More details on how to use AI in your content marketing strategy and ensure you don’t get left behind the competition can be found in the “IT expert’s guide to AI and content management” whitepaper.

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