Western Digital suffers cyber incident, here's what we know so far

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Digital storage powerhouse Western Digital has reported suffering a cybersecurity incident that has seen “some systems” breached and parts of its business operations disrupted.

Precise details are still scarce at the moment, but Reuters reported an “unauthorized party” managed to steal “certain data” from WD’s systems. 

The company said the incident might result in further disruption to business operations, but that it is currently working on securing operations, having been forced to shut some systems down.

WD services hit

The nature of the incident was not detailed, so we don’t know if this is a ransomware attack, although it does follow the usual pattern.

One of the services that seem to be suffering due to the cyber incident is the WD My Cloud Home. Some users have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration for the services being offline for a few days already:

“The login service for WD My Cloud Home is unavailable. Thank you @westerndigital  for not letting me access my data that I have in the living room,” writes one user. On Sunday, another user wrote: “#WesternDigital #mycloud #login service is down and unavailable.  Cannot login.  Western digital. Please provide an update and fix. Thanks!”

One of the users reached out to the company, claiming not to have access to their files. Although it’s hard to determine if the two incidents are connected if it ends up being so, it would mean the services were offline for the entire weekend: “I trusted this device with my backups and don't have access to the files now,” they said.

The police, as well as external security and forensic experts, have been brought it, it was said.

Via: Reuters

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