This Microsoft Edge update will give power users plenty to celebrate

Using Microsoft Edge
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An upcoming Microsoft Edge update could give users a whole new way to interact with the browser using custom commands.

As spotted by, Microsoft Edge Canary 105 will see a feature that enables the command bar to run commands from a launcher integrated into the browser.

However unlike rivals such as Chrome and Firefox, the new command bar is not located in the browser address bar, but as a standalone option, hopefully allowing for much smoother functionality.

Microsoft Edge command bar

The new command bar is opened by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space, and sits just below the Microsoft Edge address bar. 

Although given the official name DevTools Command Palette, found that a wide range of commands could be used in the bar, including creating a new window or tab, opening office web apps, and even opening other apps such as Stack Overflow.

Users already signed up to Microsoft Edge Canary are able to try out the new feature now by updating to the latest build. The tool is still in development, so there's no news as yet on a potential release date, but if it gets enough engagement in the testing phase, there's no reason why it shouldn't become a part of Microsoft Edge in the future.

The new feature is the latest addition to Edge as Microsoft looks to ensure its browser is capable of competing on level-footing with the market leaders, Chrome and Safari.

Recently, the company revealed it was also working on an upgrade which would allow Edge users to access their favourite or most-used tools alongside the browser itself. Initially, the likes of Discover, Bing search, Outlook, Office, Games, and other items such as a unit converter and internet speed test will be among those included for users to try out.

Another recently-announced feature will allow users to pause all Microsoft Edge extensions from running on specific websites with a single click, giving them greater control over extensions running on risky or sensitive websites.

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