This browser has a feature that will stop your PC from being enslaved

Opera has rolled out a new version of its web browser which adds protection from being crypto-jacked.

Crypto-jacking is a relatively new phenomenon whereby websites run scripts which hijack CPU resources from the visitor’s computer in order to mine cryptocurrency. This is particularly nasty because it happens completely without the user’s knowledge, and it can potentially slow your machine down.

Opera version 50 now has an anti-cryptocurrency mining feature built into its ad blocker (the latter can be turned on in settings). Alternatively, if you don’t wish to turn on the advert blocker, simply go to preferences and tick the ‘No Coin’ box.

The feature uses the ‘NoCoin’ list of cryptocurrency mining scripts when it comes to enacting blocking, and that list is updated regularly.

Crazy fans

Krystian Kolondra, head of Desktop Browser at Opera, commented: “Everyone knows the feeling of the computer heating up, the fan starting to go crazy and the CPU going to 100% for seemingly no reason. These are all signs someone might be mining Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on your computer.”

The makers of Opera cite reports which indicate that no less than a billion people worldwide could be affected by crypto-jacking.

Along with the new cryptocurrency hijacking prevention measures, Opera 50 adds VR360 support for Oculus, and Chromecast support to allow streaming from the desktop browser straight to your TV.

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