Sticking to one online identity will be impossible says HP

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Could passwords become a thing of the past?

HP forecasts that Internet users face a huge challenge to create one unified online identity that covers everything and ensures that information shared online is completely secure.

Speaking at the European Information Security Summit 2015 in London, HP enterprise services CTO Andrzej Kawalec thinks that managing information shared using social media, the cloud and Internet of Things devices will be extremely tricky in the future.

"All these things are all about sharing data, not about security. Securing all the data shared in this way is a huge challenge in the absence of any standards to enable us to take control," said Kawalec, according to Computer Weekly.

There are three areas Kawalec identified that need urgent action when it comes to security going forwards. Firstly time must be spent to understand "our adversaries" and work out how to curtail their activities. Secondly "we need to understand and identify our risk" to better protect and enable our information assets. Lastly, collaboration and sharing must be fostered to gain a more rounded view of threats and extend security capabilities.

Major mobile exploit expected

Kawalec went on to outline the biggest security challenges we will face in 2015 including a major mobile exploit in the next 12 months, industry-specific attacks becoming the norm, and the fact that open-source software must be managed better in organisations.

He also explained that there needs to be an effort to find an alternative to password-based authentication in the future and that protecting data should be the highest priority of all.

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Source: Computer Weekly