McAfee's new security suites tap the cloud for stronger defences


Intel Security has pushed out a fresh range of McAfee security solutions for 2017, featuring a new anti-malware engine which ramps up its power using the cloud.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection – the firm's security suites which step up the levels of protection as you move up the range – all benefit from the new malware-munching engine, as does LiveSafe, which provides antivirus along with identity and data protection.

The 'real protect' anti-malware engine is made more efficient and effective by offloading analysis to the cloud, Intel Security notes. It boasts fresh methods of detecting malware that employ behavioural analytics along with machine learning to better spot threats when they first emerge.

The products provide defensive measures across all devices, not just PCs but also Macs, along with tablets and mobiles, both Android and iOS. And the company boasts that the new 2017 offerings considerably boost protection for Mac and Android devices, as shown by some of the latest testing by the major antivirus labs (for example, Intel cites a 100% detection result in the latest AV-Comparatives test).

True Key, which is multifactor authentication for website logins that makes use of biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition, has also been bolstered with the ability to import data from other password managers, and the introduction of a master password reset option.

Protection pledge

Anyone buying a McAfee subscription which is set up to renew automatically will also now benefit from Intel's 'virus protection pledge'. This guarantees that if a user runs into a virus infection they can't deal with, the tech support team will solve the issue, or the customer will get a full refund on their purchase.

John Giamatteo, corporate vice president and general manager at Intel Security, commented: "People are enjoying more and more connected devices as part of everyday life – in their homes, in their cars and even in the things they wear. This wave of new connectivity is exciting, and a reminder that security is more important than ever.

He added: "We're dedicated to delivering innovative products designed to protect all manner of connected devices and the people who use them. Our 2017 line-up demonstrates this level of commitment."

McAfee will once again become an independent company early next year, when Intel spins it off as we heard last month.

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