Another Windows 10 preview released as Microsoft ramps up pace before Build

Windows 10

Only a week after the previous preview build of Windows 10 (version 14291) was released to Insiders by Microsoft, a new build (14295) has been deployed, ahead of Redmond's Build conference which kicks off tomorrow.

Build 14291 made a big addition with the introduction of Edge extensions which included Reddit Enhancement Suite, Mouse Gestures and Microsoft Translator – albeit with basic support as these have to be side-loaded – and the new version, which was unleashed at the end of last week, adds some further polish.

As the Register reports, along with the also updated Maps app – which now allows for multiple tabs to be open at the same time, so you can easily switch around between recent searches – Redmond has a new Feedback app in place.

The new Feedback Hub tidies up the feedback system in general, merging two previous apps (the old Feedback app and Insider Hub app) while adding fresh functionality in terms of reaction from Microsoft.

In other words, users who leave feedback on these preview builds will now receive comments back from Microsoft engineers, so they'll be able to see how well their suggestions or reports are received. That's definitely a nice touch for those testers who do provide regular feedback.

Issues to be aware of

Note that there are a few issues, as ever, with this preview version of Windows 10 – as Redmond has previously stated, with the faster pace of preview builds being released now, we can expect a few more glitches.

Gamers might want to steer clear of this new one if they use an Xbox controller with their PC, as one of the bugs is the system freezing when the console controller is attached. Furthermore, those who use Kaspersky antivirus will find that piece of security software doesn't work with this version of Windows 10 either.

As we mentioned, Build is just about to happen and consumers and business users alike are waiting with bated breath for the promised 'ground-breaking new features' which are apparently coming to Windows 10.

We will hear all about them at the conference, but we don't know much as yet regarding exactly what these huge changes will be – although one thing we do know is they don't involve digital assistant Cortana.

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