Google Music Scan and Match replaces explicit lyrics with clean versions

Google Music Scan and Match replaces explicit lyrics with clean versions
"Get your hands off my woman, motherfarmer"

Google Music's recently-introduced Scan and Match feature has followed the lead of Apple's iTunes Match, by replacing explicit song lyrics with family-friendly versions.

The new functionality, which saves users the trouble and time needed to upload the entire file to the cloud storage locker and instead tags the song in Google's online catalogue.

Like, it's predecessor all songs with swear words have been replaced by the Clean Version or Radio Edit.

So, it you're a fan of the Cee-Lo Green's provocative F*** You, you'll only get the Granny-friendly Forget You when using Scan and Match.

Colourful comments

The decision has annoyed some fans of colourful language, including this guy whose comments on Google's support pages were picked up by Droid Life.

"Let me out of force match! Do not match my library! That's my music that I have bought and collected for years! All for you to trash it? Don't tell me what version my music should be, sound like and what bit rate!! That is wrong!"

Google is yet to comment on the situation that's likely to anger fans hip-hop fans more than those busting out the Best of Cliff Christmas Collection.

Via Droid Life

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