Download of the Day: Noreplyall


Ever made the mistake of replying all to an email in Microsoft Outlook? Banish the embarrassment of doing it again by downloading the nifty Noreplyall add-on.

Why you need it

One of the best things about regular letter mail beyond the personal touch was that there is never the chance to do anything automatic like reply all with a message that was only meant for one person. Microsoft Outlook users now have their own way to avoid that mishap thanks to the Noreplyall add-on.

The little added extra, which was developed in house by Microsoft Research, is simple in that all it does is add an extra button onto the Outlook ribbon that has three different options to be checked depending on the circumstance.

Checking the no reply all button means that the regular reply all button will be completely disabled for all actions inside Microsoft Outlook until the user decides to turn it on again. Clicking the no forward button to the on position will make sure that a message isn't forwarded to anyone, and lastly you can check the no reply button to ensures that no replies are sent to messages.

Using a tool of this ilk in an office situation can be extremely useful as replying all to a message only meant for one person has seen people dismissed in the past and will keep your private correspondence the way it is supposed to be - private.

That isn't all. As the add-on has been devised by Microsoft Research you can be sure that it is built to the best specification possible plus it is constantly being worked on to bring an improved experience to the end user.

Outlook was already one of the best applications around for sending and receiving emails plus organising correspondence and calendars. With Noreplyall installed it becomes an even stronger application and something that you and your colleagues can truly trust to deliver a full-proof mail experience.

Key features

Works on: All versions of Microsoft Outlook

Price: Free

Avoid Embarrassment: Eliminating the chance that you could press reply all means no more embarrassing situations where you have to explain an email to your superiors.

Created by Microsoft: Outlook is part of the Office productivity suite and this extension has been built by the firm behind it thus ensuring it is made to an extremely high standard.

Noreply and Noforward included: It isn't just a tool to get rid of the reply all button and users can also choose to deactivate the reply or forward button