Samsung says its enterprise smartphones will receive security updates for five years

Samsung Enterprise
(Image credit: Samsung)

During its virtual event at MWC 2021, Samsung announced that several of its Galaxy Enterprise Edition business smartphones will now receive five years of security updates.

Back in 2019, the Korean mobile giant said that its Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices would receive four years of security updates but this guarantee has now been extended by one year. 

It's worth noting however that the window for these security updates begins with each device's release date as opposed to when they are purchased.

Added security

Smartphones from Samsung's Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S21 series and Galaxy Note20 series will now all receive an additional year of security updates along with the Galaxy XCover 5 and the company's Galaxy Tab Active3.

Other Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices meanwhile will receive four years of security updates as is also the case with the company's most recent Galaxy devices beginning in 2019.

While an extra year of updates is certainly a nice addition, keep in mind that these are security updates and not Android updates so a device will be patched to fix the latest vulnerabilities but it still might not receive Android 12.

At the moment, it is still unclear as to whether or not this extra year of security updates will remain exclusive to Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices or if other Samsung phones will get a similar treatment at a later date.

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