Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay is truly grim

A child in Plague Tale Requiem
(Image credit: Focus Entertainment)

A fresh gameplay trailer for upcoming narrative-driven stealth game Plague Tale: Requiem has dropped, and it’s as dispiritingly disgusting as you’d expect.

Revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, the two-minute gameplay clip shows the game's protagonists doing much the same as they did during Plague Tale: Innocence. Namely, sneaking past heavily armored soldiers rather than facing them head-on, solving puzzles, and walking the mud-soaked ground of medieval France.

You’ll be traversing gallic fields and forests, in between infiltrating towns as you try to take siblings Amica and Hugo to a prophesized island for safety. Things look a little more violent this time around, however, with a few gruesome takedowns and fights cropping up across the in-game footage.

Watch the full clip below:

It’s grim, bloody, and decidedly miserable, just like historical medieval France. The first game made a name for itself through a powerful, character-driven story that didn’t let up on drudgery and despair. It looks like this sequel will follow suit, as the characters continue their journey across a land replete with ill-doing scoundrels.

Oh, and there are lots of rats. Lots of them. Imagine the biggest pile of rats you’ve ever seen, then add on a few more. This is a plague tale, after all, so pestilence and the animals that carry it aren’t skimped on.

Plague Tale: Requiem will release later this year on Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It’ll also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

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