Nintendo Switch PSA warns owners to not play in the blistering heat

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Nintendo agrees with everyone: it's too damn hot outside. So much so that it's seen fit to tweet out a PSA to dissuade Nintendo Switch owners from taking their consoles outside.

The Nintendo Switch's portability lends itself well to relaxing outdoor gaming sessions. But as a summer heatwave envelops the globe, Nintendo has been eager to pour some ice-cold water on that notion.

The company tweeted out a PSA via its official Japanese account, that roughly translates as follows (thanks, Nintendo Life):

"Playing a Nintendo Switch in a high temperature area can cause the temperature of the console to rise. Please use the console in areas between 5 - 35°C (41 - 95°F).

"Additionally, blocking the air intake and exhaust vents can cause the console to heat up. Please allow for good ventilation around these vents."

Too hot for Switch

Nintendo's PSA might be aimed at its Japanese audience, but it's a warning that Switch owners the world over will probably want to pay attention to. Blisteringly hot temperatures are making the general public suffer across the globe.

In New York, temperatures are expected to reach up to 94°F (34°C) next week. It's a similar story in London, where it could get as hot as 97°F (36°C). Similarly high temperatures have also recently been recorded in Tokyo, which likely caused Nintendo to issue the warning in the first place.

While damage to your Nintendo Switch console isn't necessarily guaranteed in hot weather, it can negatively affect the internal components. Thankfully, your Switch will turn itself off if the heat is too hot to handle, but it's best to not allow the console to get to that point at all.

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