Nasty Windows 10 vulnerability gets a patch, but not from Microsoft

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Cybersecurity researchers have released an unofficial patch for a bug in Windows 10, originally reported to Microsoft in October 2020, which later research revealed could take the form of a local privilege vulnerability as well.

Issuing the free micropatch, Mitja Kolsek, co-founder of the 0patch micropatching service, explains that it too overlooked the vulnerability initially since it was disclosed as an information disclosure bug, which normally isn’t critical enough to warrant attention from 0patch.

The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2021-24084, was discovered by security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri, who blogged about it in June 2021, detailing its working and noting how it hadn’t yet been fixed by Microsoft. 

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An upgraded bug

Kolsek banks on a fixed Windows privilege escalation vulnerability, tracked as CVE 2021-36934, to suggest that under certain specific conditions, an arbitrary file disclosure can be upgraded and abused for local privilege escalation.

“In November, however, Abdelhamid pointed out that this - still unpatched - bug may not be just an information disclosure issue, but a local privilege escalation vulnerability….We confirmed this by using the procedure described in this blog post by Raj Chandel in conjunction with Abdelhamid's bug - and being able to run code as local administrator,” writes Kolsek, explaining the need to patch the bug.

The unofficial micropatch will work on all affected Windows 10 versions, and as is usual,  will be available for free until Microsoft releases an official fix for the issue.  

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