Mobile industry services provider Brightstar invests £50m in UK business

(Image credit: Brightstar)

Mobile distribution and services provider Brightstar is investing £50 million on a new fulfilment centre in Crewe, claiming the state-of-the-art facility will allow it to grow its UK business and better serve customers.

The company works behind-the-scenes in the mobile industry, assisting mobile operators, device manufacturers and retailers during the entire lifecycle of a smartphone and tablet. Its portfolio includes supply chain, logistics, insurance, trade-in and repair services, while it is also a major player in mobile accessories.

Essentially, Brightstar plays a significant role in powering and delivering the services and support received by consumers and businesses from their operator or manufacturer. Any investment Brightstar makes will have a knock-on effect in other parts of the mobile ecosystem.

Brightstar UK

Crewe is home to the company’s UK and European headquarters, employing 700 people. Brighstar plans to relocate to purpose-built facility equipped with new technologies and AI-driven automation, believing this will provide additional capacity and boost efficiency. There are also plans to build two ‘centre of excellence’ call centres that will improve the level of service it is able to offer customers.

“[This investment] secures Brightstar’s position as the leading provider of integrated services to the mobile industry in the UK. This is an exciting time for our employees, our customers and our local community as we push forward with world class solutions that will power our growth for years to come,” said Brightstar CEO Rod Millar.

Earlier this year, Brightstar strengthened its after-sale offering by acquiring a majority stake in repair service WeFix. The company conducts repairs in any location and has an exclusive agreement with Samsung in the UK. Brightstar’s investment will allow WeFix to expand to 150 vehicles in the UK and to other parts of Europe, Canada and the USA by 2022.

Meanwhile, Richard Baxendale re-joined the company as chief business development officer, more than a decade after his first tenure.

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