Microsoft unveils its vision for the future of digital identity

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced an expansion and restructuring of its identity management product portfolio to reflect the rapid evolution of the security environment. 

As explained in a blog post, the company has launched a new platform called Microsoft Entra, under which all of its identity-related services will now fall.

The aim is to radically simplify digital identity management and verification, unlocking benefits for enterprise customers and consumers alike.

Meet Microsoft Entra

Alongside the Entra product family, Microsoft is rolling out a series of new services and features designed to ensure all types of identities can be verified and access to all resources can be properly governed.

“Our interconnected world requires a flexible and agile model where people, organizations, apps, and even smart devices could confidently make real-time access decisions,” the company explained. “We need to build upon and expand our capabilities to support all the scenarios that our customers are facing.”

The main highlights include Azure AD Identity Governance, which is said to simplify the onboarding and offboarding process, and Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, which helps to identify overpermissioned users that pose an unnecessary security threat.

Another new addition is Microsoft Entra Verified ID, a decentralized identity service that “allows individuals and organizations to decide what information they share, when they share it, without whom they share it, and - when necessary - take it back”.

Apparently, the service will let businesses transact with partners and customers with greater efficiency, courtesy of the ability to verify credentials more rapidly. For consumers, meanwhile, greater control over digital identity assets (such as education and health credentials) will make it easier to defend against invasions of privacy.

“Microsoft Entra embodies our vision for what modern secure access should be,” wrote Joy Chik and Vasu Jakkal, who head up identity management at Microsoft.

“Identity should be an entryway into a world of new possibilities, not a blockade restricting access, creating friction, and holding back innovation. We want people to explore, to collaborate, to experiment.”

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