Make sure all your Black Friday purchases are secured with these top tips

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(Image credit: Financial Express)

Black Friday has rapidly become one of the most important shopping days of the year, with bargains to be had on thousands of products all over the world.

But having hunted down a great deal on some new technology, the last thing you want is for your new devices to fall prey to one of the many security threats around today.

Not to worry - we've got some top tips to make sure you can keep all your new purchases safe and secure.

Make sure all your devices stay protected

These days, it isn't just our phones and laptops that are connected to the internet - but a whole host of devices. From televisions and routers all the way to home products such as connected thermostats and even smart fridges, more and more devices are getting online. 

Although this may appeal to technology fans and those with a personal network of devices, it can also unfortunately open you up to a wider range of security threats.

Using a security protection suite like Bitdefender Total Security 2021 keeps all of your devices safe, as it covers not just Windows PCs and macOS computers, but also Android and iOS mobile devices, protecting up to 15 devices per household. Boasting real-time complete data protection and multi-layered ransomware tools, this means your devices will stay protected, even against the latest threats.  

 Keep everything updated

You can make sure all your new devices stay safe by downloading and installing the latest software updates and security patches as soon as they're available.

All too often, many of us fall victim to not changing the default password that comes with our new purchase, but having a robust and thorough security platform should give you a strong line of defence.

Always try to update your systems as soon as new upgrades are released, as hackers often try and exploit such windows to target unprotected devices. When it comes to your PC, Bitdefender Total Security 2021 can help with its Vulnerability Assessment tool, which can scan for security holes with just one click, checking your system for outdated and vulnerable software or missing Windows security patches. 

Keep track of your passwords

Passwords are still the most secure way to keep your accounts safe - particularly if they're done correctly. 

As we all subscribe and sign up to a growing number of platforms and services, it can be hard to track what passwords accompany which account. It can also be all too easy to reuse passwords across different accounts, but this can be a risk - as if one company or provider is hacked, criminals could use this stolen data to potentially access other accounts too.

To make this easier, Bitdefender Total Security 2021 comes with an in-built password manager to store all your information, including passwords, credit card information and more in one highly secure cyber-vault, so you won’t have to remember those hard-to-guess passwords.  

Install a VPN

Finally, you can make sure your devices stay protected by safeguarding your online activity with a VPN.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have seen a huge surge in popularity as users around the world seek that extra level of privacy against those hoping to snoop on their Internet activity.

Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device, using a VPN is a vital tool when getting online today, especially when accompanied by a security platform that can keep your browsing safe. 

Bitdefender Total Security 2021 comes with an in-built secure VPN service, offering complete online privacy as well as a 200MB/day allowance for encrypted traffic for all your devices, meaning you can feel confident that your browsing will stay private.