The indestructible Lego Star Wars kids are key to cheesing your way to collectibles

Jedi crosses lightsabers with Darth Mail in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga
(Image credit: Warner Bros)

It's commonplace for video games to prevent players from running rampant and killing minors, and the new Lego Star Wars is no different. But wailing on the minifigs can be useful for more than just venting your frustrations.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga launched this week, and of course, players are testing the limits of what they can get up to within the bounds of the game. Slaughtering everyone and everything is just one of the many things to be struck off the list. 

Developers can't win when it comes to massacring virtual and totally-not-real children. It's either a novelty when you can, or has possibly hilarious consequences when you can't. But these Lego little'uns are proving to be incredibly useful in their indestructibility, as a bunch of gamers on Twitter are finding out. 

@RedOrbFragment tweeted that the children in the latest Lego Star Wars don't take damage, which is par for the course at this stage. But you can juggle the ever-loving snot out of them which transforms them from impervious god-tier NPCs to useful traversal tools.

In the video above, you can see @RedOrbFragment using this method to stay aloft. As he says in his tweet, "you can use children to cross large pits and void space."

Further down the thread, he shares a clip from his Twitch channel where he ascends to the top of a Jedi statue using this method alone. It's a nifty trick if you're looking to hoover up out-of-reach collectibles! 

Lego children also make fantastic training dummies, with one Twitter user joking that 'Lego May Cry' is real, accompanied by a video of some serious kid juggling. 

The OP adds that this strategy can be used to "get just about anywhere" especially when used with the different characters' abilities.  

So have at them! Getting tossed about on the end of a lightsaber is something the kids in the Star Wars universe are more than familiar with by now. At least this time around, they can dust themselves off once you've had your fun. 

Shabana Arif
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