Mozilla Firefox heading for 64-bit Windows glory in May

Unreal demo in 64-bit
Unreal demo in 64-bit

Mozilla has outed its new Firefox Developer Edition 38, the first version that includes support for a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows.

The addition of a 64-bit version for Windows users will be a boon for native game developers who want to deliver slick speeds and desktop quality experience from apps within the browser window itself.

The improved experience is possible because the recommended heap size in the older incarnation of Firefox is 512MB, whereas the 64-bit heap size can go up to 2GB.

It also brings with it faster task execution, increased security and the whole browser experience just feels that little bit faster when set against the older edition.

Hitting all PCs in May

Reports back in October 2014 claimed Mozilla was planning to bring 64-bit support with Firefox 37 originally by March 31 2015, but it will actually be hitting the release channel during the week of April 7.

Firefox 38, meanwhile, is expected to arrive to end user PCs in May after landing on the beta channel in the big April 7 week. Until then Windows users that want a slice of the 64-bit action can already take advantage of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Opera already running in the souped up state.

Via: Mozilla