Google is quietly changing its business model

Google Domains is one of the many services that it could spawn

Google has launched a new service called Google Domains as a Beta in the US, only days after rumours of a persistent interest in the massive US car insurance market surfaced.

Google already allows users to buy their domains from the search provider, albeit via a more convoluted route (you need to go through Google Apps).

Domains is a more straightforward route and even includes access to four third-party webpage developers (WIX, Squarespace, Weebly and Shopify) to help customers build their websites.

You also get 100 email addresses and 100 sub-domains with prices starting from $12 (around £7, AU$13). Expect it to roll out across other territories.

Commission mission

Google appears to have focused its resources on building more commissioned-based services to grow its revenues, even if it means competing with its own clients.

The company seems to be using the UK as a testing ground, having established a number of price comparison services at this compare homepage for credit cards, mortgages, current/saving accounts and even car insurance.

That's only a tiny fraction of what the likes of offer (the latter has nearly 50 products), but that's a start and Google is already gathering momentum by pushing its own services ahead of its competitors and exploring multiple territories.