Google targets AWS with massive cuts in cloud services prices

Everything must go in the Google cloud sale

Google has looked to revamp its portfolio, cutting prices and adding new features to keep up with its biggest competitors, Microsoft's Azure and Amazon's Web Services.

Cloud storage is now charged at 2 cents (about £0.01) per GB per month. This is a change from the previous system in which Google tiered users' storage options based on amount stored. Prices before the recent cuts were between 54 and 84 cents (33p to 51p) per GB per month.

As well as reductions in the cost of storage, Google Computer Engine will cost 32 per cent less, while Google BigQuery has been reduced by up to 85 per cent. Google is also offering discounts for the sustained usage of its services.

Exciting for developers

Google has also launched a new type of virtual machine which will allow a user to move applications from the Google app engine into a full IaaS VM (Infrastructure as a Service Virtual Machine).

The BigQuery data analysis service has been opened to accept live data streams too, chewing up around 100,000 rows of data per second. On demand queries for that service will set back users around $5 (around £3) per TB.

With regards to IaaS, the company has introduced new operating systems, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux and Microsoft Windows 2008 R2.

"This is an exciting time to be a developer and build apps for a global audience," said senior vice president Urs Hölzle in a blog post. "Today we've focused a lot on productivity, making it easier to build and test in the cloud, using the tools you're already familiar with."

Via: PCWorld