Huawei: 5G can bring real emotion to the mobile world

(Image credit: Huawei)

Huawei has revealed more about its vision of how 5G can change the world.

Speaking at the company’s Mobile World Congress media event, held in London after the Barcelona trade show was cancelled over coronavirus fears, Huawei doubled down on its belief that 5G will be a truly transformative technology across the world, benefiting a wide range of industries and verticals alike.

“4G delivered information, 5G will deliver emotion,” Ryan Ding, President of Huawei’s carrier business group, declared.

Huawei 5G

Taking a look at Huawei’s global involvement, Ding noted that the company has won 91 commercial 5G contracts across the world, including 47 in Europe and 27 in Asia, and has more than a hundred different 5G testing projects currently in operation. 

Ding referenced the “amazing support” Huawei has seen from its customers and partners across the globe, as it looks to offer the best and most reliable 5G network for the next generation of mobile devices.

Faster smartphones aren’t the only use case that Huawei is looking to get into, with education, healthcare and retail all referenced as high-interest areas for the company going forward.

However it also made the pitch for being a reliable 5G network partner for mobile, especially as Huawei can provide all the end-to-end hardware needed, from base stations to the smartphones themselves.

Ding announced the launch of a new 5G massive MIMO base station which weighs a mere 25kg, making the installation and rollout of new networks easier than ever. 

This is especially key in Europe, Ding argued, because the mobile spectrum landscape is so fragmented. With so many different bands to support, and only a limited amount of physical space at sites, equipment that can support a vast array of frequencies will be critical to European operators. Multi-carrier coverage support is also enhanced.

“5G exploration will continue in 2020 and be more experience-oriented, innovative and commercially successful,” Ding stated.

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